Overview of our wines


2007 Certified Organic Shiraz

certified organic shiraz

This was our inaugural vintage. 12 Tonnes of certified organic hand picked fruit was sent to Marburg Custom Crush, Queensland's only certified organic wine production facility, where they transformed the fruit into wine. The finished wine was then shipped to Hunter Bottling Company in Pokolbin where the process was finished at a certified organic bottling line. Pure organic wine is what we have, no additives, no added preservatives, no oak. A true representation of our terroir. The wine is still youthful and drinking well right now. The nose is reminiscent of mulberry with strong hints of pepper and spice. The palate is light to medium bodied, showing flavours of pepper and spice, finishing with some assertive tannin. Some sediment has formed in the bottom of the bottles, which is totally natural. It's over 10 years old. Decant and enjoy. Perfect with a steak.

2014 Rose

rose dry

Our first attempt at making a rose' style wine. The fruit was machine picked from blocks 3 and 6. Each block was processed separately and each tank inoculated with an individual yeast to achieve a broad range of flavours. The tanks were blended together when the ferments were near completion. The resultant wine was left on lees for 6 months with monthly stirring before racking and finishing. This wine not your typical sweet lolly water, it's anything but. This is what I call a serious rose'. The colour is light ruby red, with intense aromas of cherry, raspberry and strawberry fruit. The palate is underpinned with a line of acidity and balanced with the texture created by the lees stirring. The wine has medium length and finishes with a hint of spice.

2015 Flinders Rose

rose sweet

This shiraz rose comes from the first harvest of the season. Full of colour and flavour with a hint of sweetness. This is the perfect wine for summer drinking by the pool with friends. Light body, fruity, balanced sweetness and acidity, easy drinking. Best served chilled. This wine has been naturally sweetened using our own fortified wine. Some crystals may form if the wine is stored in the refrigerator for a prolonged period. These are naturally occuring and harmless and proves we haven't messed with it.

Mocha Moon
We have taken our 2016 vintage Shiraz fortified with our own spirit to the next level by infusing it with a special mix of ground coffee beans, roasted wattle seed, and cacao nibs creating a very unique product. A great alternative to Kaluha. 17.5% alc/vol

Turkish Nights
We have taken our 2016 vintage Shiraz fortified with our own spirit to the next level by infusing it with a special spice mix, roasted wattle seed, and cacao nibs creating a very unique product. Christmas in a bottle. 17.5% alc/vol


Spirits Picture

We have the opportunity to produce boutique artisan spirits with a unique flavour profile and rounded mouth feel from our Arnold Holdstein hybrid still. Australia is home to only a few stills from this manufacturer. We are the only registered distillery with this model and configuration. The combination of still, Shiraz grapes, lemons, and herbs grown organically on our property gives our base spirits a unique flavour profile. Skill, passion, hard work, and time is what's required to make artisan spirits. We have a love and passion for what we do, and this passion comes through in the products we make. We love where we work. The Scenic Rim is Brisbane's food bowl. So much produce available, we can turn that produce into unique distilled products, helping out the farmers and promoting the region. We love doing this. We love sharing. These products wouldn't be produced if it weren't for our loyal followers and lovers of our unique spirits.

Flinders Peak Shiraz Tawny

This is a blend of vintages from 2008 to 2014. It has been aged in oak for only a couple of years to bring the fruit forward. Sweet spicy plum aromas and flavours, but starting to develop some caramel and prune notes, which the rancio character coming through from the older components and a warm finish.

Tawny White

Flinders Peak White Gold Liqueur

This is our fortified verdelho. We took a single batch of verdelho grapes from the 2014 vintage, crushed and fermented them for a couple of days, then added our own distilled spirit to fortify to 17.5% alcohol. After leaving the product on skins for a week it was then basket pressed to a barrel, where it sat to mature for 12 months. Lovely aromas of honey, toffee and caramel with notes of grilled nuts with the same on the palate.

Flinders Peak Fortified Shiraz BIG OR BABY BERTHA

Big Bertha

This is a ruby fortified from the 2014 vintage. We made a lot of rose in 2014 so we bled off some of the fermenting juice and fortified it to 17.5% with our own distilled spirit, creating a lighter style of fortified shiraz. Sweet and fruity with hints of caramel.

Flinders Peak Vodka 443 – quadruple distilled, 42.5% alc/vol

This is our small batch, hand crafted, quadruple distilled Shiraz vodka. It's uniquely Scenic Rim. Clean and pure with a heart of Shiraz and a glycerine smooth mouth feel. Great on its own over ice.

Flinders Peak 137 – single distilled, oak matured, 37% alc/vol

This is our small batch, hand crafted, single distilled and oak matured Shiraz Grappa. We've made it in the traditional way but taken it to the next level by maturing it in oak for 6 months before bottling. This product was then left to mature for 3 years in bottle before release. This spirit is very aromatic and inviting with a lovely flavour and mellow taste. Bronze at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018

Flinders Peak Gin No 1. Citrus and spice. 40.3% alc/vol

Gin Picture

This is our small batch, hand crafted, artisan Gin. It has floral and citrus notes with a juniper back bone and a spicy dry finish. Our recipe includes some of the traditional botanicals with the addition of fresh callistemon flowers, rose petals, sumac, and fresh turmeric. Batch 02 is only 166 bottles. Bronze at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018.

Flinders Peak Lemon Schnapps. 28.6% alc/vol

Lemon Schnapps Picture

We fermented then double distilled the lemons to produce a spirit that is the true essence of lemon. We then diluted and sweetened the lemon spirit to produce this wonderful drop. Each 150L wash only yields 18-30L of lemon spirit, so this is true small batch processing. Bronze at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018.

Flinders Peak Christmas spice Liqueur. 23% alc/vol

Christmas Spice

We have taken our clean Shiraz spirit and infused it with our own secret recipe of spices, and then turned it into a liqueur. Liquid Christmas cake. Great with sparkling mineral water or as an addition to Christmas egg nog.

Flinders Peak Missin Ippy Moonshine liqueur. 18.8% alc/vol

Missin Ippy

We have taken our infamous oak matured grappa and blended it with some of our white gold liqueur to create a totally unique product. This little number displays aromas of honey and toffee with undertones of grape and plum. The palate is sweet with a velvety smooth mouthfeel, followed by a warming spirit finish. Enjoy on its own or add it to a fantastic cocktail. 500 bottles produced

Flinders Peak Artisan Single Barrel 3YO Brandy. 39.3% alc/vol

Brandy Picture

This is a true artisan product. Matured in an American oak Hogshead for 2 years and 11 months, and then finished off in French oak for a month before diluting to strength. We have let it settle naturally for 6 more months before bottling by hand. A true test of patience. Lovely Shiraz characters with layers of complexity. Grape, plum, spice, toffee, grilled nuts, with hints of cedar. Great sipping neat over ice. Batch 01 is only 297 bottles. Bronze at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018.


Flinders Peak / Kalfresh Carrot infused Vodka. 39.8% alc/vol

carrot vodka

This is the product of our first collaboration with the largest carrot grower in the Scenic Rim. We are the first distillery in the country to produce a carrot Vodka. The spirit is 4 times distilled. The aroma is intriguing, fresh carrot with underlying earthy notes from the distillation process. Subtle carrot on the palate with a smooth and sweet finish. Great in a Bloody Mary.

Peak's Plum vodka 37.5% alc/vol

Peak's Plum Vodka

We have taken our double distilled Shiraz base spirit, infusted it with native Davidson plums and Lemon myrtle, distilled once more, then infused again with more plums and Cacao to produce a very lively product. Full dark pink in colour, full of zesty flavour from the plums and myrtle, finishing smooth and rounded from the cacao. Batch 02 is only 200 bottles.

Flinders Peak / Wild Canary Lilly Pilly vodka. 38.1% alc/vol

Lilly Pilly vodka

We have taken our Shiraz base spirit, infused it with lilly pillys, distilled a further two times, then infused again, to create this unique product. Pale salmon pink in colour, there's lovely floral, musk aromas with subtle undertones of plum. The palate is quite zesty and refreshing from the Lilly Pillys and cuts through the alcohol leaving a smooth clean finish. Limited quantities available.

Written by Jason Hannay, Winemaker / Distiller.

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